Our laser etcher is a Vytec Model LS4496 and is capable of etching a 35 x 84 monument.
Cotner Monument and Heritage Memorial Art takes pride in its artistic work with etchings.  Etching is a process where the surface of the stone is roughened to produce a contrast from the natural polished stone.  One can either leave the natural contrast, highlight the contrast area or add full spectrum color to the design. Cotner Monument and Heritage Memorial Art are unique  in that they have the capability to do both hand etching and computer controlled laser etching.  No other monument company in the mid west have both abilities with the same high quality trained and skilled artist. without going to outside contractors. Many companies provide stock etching designs.  Although we have many common designs, none of our designs are by any means stock.  All are custom.  We can do a design as simple as a woodland scene with wildlife or as complex as a rendering of your ranch, church, home, or other important memory.  We work with you to capture just the art you desire on your memorial.
These are hand etchings of the likenesses of science  fiction characters and images of places he travelled and loved.  We are capable of creating unique designs based on your individual desires.
In this example, we combined hand work and a laser portrait to capture the unique personality of this biker. The bike is a copy of his bike and we utilized chrome paint to reproduce the shine of the chrome plated surfaces on the bike.
Cotner Monument