One of the unique responsibilities being in the monument business is the opportunity to educate our customers and make them feel good about their purchase selection.  Here are some comments which may help you with your buying decision. How to Buy a Monument  We understand that most people only buy one monument in their lifetimes.  On average, we buy seven cars, four refrigerators, twelve televisions but only one monument during our lives.  We understand that this is a critical buying decision in your lives but you do not understand what you are buying.  We can help.  In fact we love to educate you!  We are in this business as a service to others and the more you understand what you are buying, the better we are doing our mission. What is the right monument for me?   No one can tell you what is right and wrong when selecting a memorial for your loved one.  I just tell my customers to do what makes you feel right about what you are doing.  You do not have to spend a ton of money and you should not in order to remember that very special loved one. What do I have to decide when buying a monument?  We understand that monuments are not something you go out a buy everyday and they can be so confusing with all the colors, shapes, sized, designs and additions such as pictures or emblems.  Before we start talking size or color or shape, we try to better understand what you are wanting.  What fits the loved one you are remembering.  Only then can we talk all the physical ins and outs of a monument.  Finally please ask us.  We will not look down on you if you ask a hundred questions.  The more involved you are in selecting your monument, the more we have an opportunity to better serve you. How much will the monument cost?  The cost of a monument is determined by the color, style and  size of a monument.  Light gray is the least expensive color.  Then the light tans, then dark gray and black, then mahogany browns and finally red.   A single flat monument starts at $325.00 in the gray.  A single upright monument in gray starts at $630.00 and goes up to $2,400.00 in a larger single red.  Double monuments which are flat start at  $473.00 in gray and go up to $ 724.00 in red.  Double upright monuments start at $ 1,030.00 and go up into the $ 5,600.00 range.  All these prices include the designing and lettering on the front of the monument and setting them up in the cemetery.  Sales taxes are separate. What is the difference between a granite and a bronze monument?  Bronze monuments are typically flat, in ground markers.  Bronze monuments consist of a bronze plaque with the names, dates and sometimes a design.  The bronze plaque is then attached to a granite base for support.  A granite monument can be many more styles and is almost limitless design opportunities.  Bronze plaques are limited to a few standard designs.  We do not feature bronze monuments as they are most commonly used in cemeteries which require bronze.  Bronze monuments are also many times more expensive than a granite monument of the same size.
Cotner Monument