People often ask how Cathy and I got into this business.  Our friends think dealing with death is difficult or something to be avoided.  They wonder how we do this.  I do have to admit that I never would have thought of opening a “monument” store.  I was wanting to leave the “big” corporate environment and was looking for a small business which could use my abilities.  I found out about Cotner Monument from a friend at a 4th of July picnic.  After that party things just happened as they were designed.  Also when I entered this business, I never dreamed I would be working with my wife.  But that also just happened.  She started working for me on a “temporary basis” six years ago and now I guess she is here to stay and is an critical part of carrying for our families today. We consider this to be our calling.  We love the opportunity to help our families with the last thing that they will do for that lost loved one.  We call our customers our “families” because we care for them just like we would a family member.  We try to treat each other fairly and honestly.  I wish I was perfect, but the Lord made me very flawed.  I should apologize to each family when they walk in the door.  I agonize when we fall short of taking care of our families as either they expect or I expect.  I take this so seriously.  We take pride in helping every family without consideration of how much money they are spending.    Become my Friend out on Facebook   My name is Sam Flocks.  My wife, Catherine, and I are the owners of Cotner Monuments and Heritage Memorial Arts.  We have been in this business since 2003 and truly love helping families pay tribute to their lost loved ones.  I would be honored to help your family. Cotner Monument LLC, Heritage Monument and Heritage Memorial Art are the premier designer and producer of imaginative monuments, headstones, tombstones, grave markers, cemetery markers and cemetery products in western Arkansas and eastern Oklahoma.   Cotner Monument LLC, Heritage Monument and Heritage Memorial Art began business in 1872 and are one of Arkansas’s oldest businesses.  Cotner Monument LLC, Heritage Monument and Heritage Memorial Art are headquartered in Fort Smith Arkansas has sales offices in Russellville, Arkansas serving central Arkansas, Springdale Arkansas covering northwest Arkansas and northeast Oklahoma, and Mena, Arkansas serving southwest Arkansas and southeast Oklahoma.  Cotner Monument LLC Memorial Artists Since 1872 Heritage Memorial Art LLC